2015/2016 Fall Wrestling Schedule

Fall Schedule:

Mondays-Thursdays 2:45 to 3:30 after school weights/conditioning.  Tuesdays will be a mix of wrestling and weight conditioning.  Optional wrestling on Thursdays from 5-6 pm, live wrestling at Blackman HS wrestling room, located at the Blackman Middle School.  Leave at 4 pm, get back to school at 6:30


Needed to join the Wrestling:

  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Current Physical
  • $50 Athletic Fee paid to “IHS Athletics”. When does the Season Officially Start?

    1st Day of practice will be Tuesday October 20th.  The season kicks off across the state on Monday Nov 2nd but we are going to start 2 weeks before that.


    Fall Vandy Games:

    Our main fundraiser for our team is working the Vanderbilt Football concession.  There are 6 home games this year.  Would like each wrestler/family to have a goal of working 8 spots.  Check website for dates and times.   If your parents can’t attend a game but you can, we can help find you a ride.


    Grades and Behavior:

    In order to be a member of the wrestling team you must stay in good academic standing in ALL of your classes and stay out of trouble, both in the classroom and outside of school.


    Things to Look Forward to:


  • Wrestling Team Tailgating Party for Homecoming Game Friday Sept 18th
  • Paintball in October 31st
  • Let it Shine Gym in November 7th
  • New Singlets (Guys and Girls)