by: IndyAdmin


Our Mission/Goal

Independence High School, which opened in 2004, opened without a proper facility for the wrestling team.  Having a proper facility for the sport of wrestling is essential to maximizing the full potential of the athletes and will also benefit the community as a whole.  Having a facility dedicated to wrestling will reduce the number of skin conditions that pop up each season.  It will also lower the amount of injuries associated with the sport by having a facility suited for wrestling with padded walls that will keep the wrestlers from falling onto a gym floor.  Most importantly it will be beneficial to the community by allowing us to have a youth wrestling club that can also use the facility as their home.  The Williamson County Wrestling Club, that has been a part of our community for years, and the Indy Eagles Wrestling Club have partnered to help see this dream of having a facility become a reality.  We have established an AAU 501 c3 club to help with this project and manage our funds as we work toward our ultimate goal.  That goal being to raise $200,000 in combined capital and donated assets to build a wrestling practice facility at Independence.  Currently the team has raised $115,000 over the past 2 seasons.